• Co-Directed by Jay Brown
  • Co-Directed by Gabe Bornstein
  • Head of Production Jake Eisner
  • Writer Annie Stamell
  • Lead 3D Animator Jared Flynn
  • Post Supervisor Jared Flynn
  • 3D Designer Antoni Tudisco
  • 3D Motion Designer Grace Casas
  • 3D Motion Designer Richard Lampasone
  • 3D Motion Designer Andrew Prousalis
  • 2D Animator Cory Anderson
  • Editor Jay Brown
  • Additional Editor Rob Fraebel
  • Additional Editor Peter Campbell
  • Additional Editor Tristan Anderson
  • Voiceover Artist Yolanda Spearman
  • Studio Engineer Studios on the Pond
  • Sound Mix + Design Eggmen
  • Color Sam Ferguson

In the early days of the pandemic, Spotify approached us to reimagine their ongoing series, “The Game Plan,” as a 3D animated, COVID-safe update. So, we put on our 3D hats, remotely captured footage with music industry experts worldwide, and came up with a revamped look and feel for this collaboration with Spotify for Artists.

Take a peek behind the curtain of The Game Plan on Behance.